How to Create a Token on Ton in 4 steps (without coding)

Jettons are tokens on TON Blockchain — one can consider them similarly to ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum.

Published: 30.05.2024Author: CoinFactory

Creating Jetton on Ton

Creating your own Jetton might sound complex, but with the CoinFactory, this becomes a simple process. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps to create your Jetton, from understanding the basics to deploying it on the Ton network.

Once your token is deployed on the network, the code of smart-contract will be immediately verified by Tonviewer.


Step 1: Visit CoinFactory Jetton Generator


Visit CoinFactory Jetton Generator


Step 2: Connect your wallet

Start by connecting your wallet to the CoinFactory Generator page. You need to connect the account that will be the owner of the smart-contract and where the initial token supply will be initiated. If you don’t have such a wallet, you can consider popular and secure options like Tonkeeper and Wallet On Telegram.


Connect your wallet


Step 3: Define Token Details

Next, you’ll be prompted to define the details of your Jetton. This includes information such as the token name, symbol, total supply, and decimals. Take your time to carefully consider these details as they will define the characteristics of your token.


Define Token Details


Step 4: Confirmation

After filling out the form, click the “Create token” button, and you will see a confirmation form. Please double-check the data before confirming because once the contract is deployed on the blockchain, changes become impossible. If everything is filled out correctly, click “Deploy contract” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.




Jetton Tools on Ton💎

  • Jetton Generator: Create and mint your own Jetton Token without coding. Customize with metadata, supply, and add logo.
  • Update Metadata: Update Jetton metadata, such as name, symbol, description or token logo. This action requires admin rights.
  • Mint Tokens: Mint new supply of your Jetton tokens on Ton. This action is available only for token admin.
  • Burn Tokens: Burn your Jettons to remove tokens from circulation and increase token value.
  • Revoke Ownership: Revoking the admin role will guarantee that nobody will ever be able to mint new tokens in the future or update metadata.
  • Jetton Multisender (Soon)
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