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Solana Manager

Easily create and manage your Solana SPL tokens online without coding

spl-tokenSolana Token Generator
multisenderSolana Multisender
revoke-freezeRevoke Freeze Authority
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Solana Token Creator

Easily create and mint your own SPL Token without coding. Customize with metadata, supply, and add logo. Try it out for free on Solana testnet and devnet

Token information

Token Name (Max 30)*

Token Symbol (Max 10)*


Change the number of decimals for your token


The initial number of available tokens that will be created in your wallet
Upload metadata to IPFS (recommended)


Add logo for your token


Tags (optional)

Select tags that are most associated with your project - max 3 tags





If your token is immutable it means you will not be able to update token metadata
Prevent additional token supply to increase investors trust.
Prevent token freezing.
Create personalized page for your token
Change information about token creator in token metadata
Service fee: 0.5 0.1 SOL


What is Solana Token Creator?

Solana Token Creator is a dapp that allows you to create and mint your own SPL tokens without coding. You just need customize metadata, name, symbol, logo and enter supply.

What is SPL token?

SPL (Solana Program Library) token is a type of digital asset on the Solana blockchain. SPL tokens are similar to ERC20 tokens on Ethereum blockchain, as they have specific methods for token management, like transferring, minting etc.

What wallets can I use to create and mint SPL tokens?

You can use any popular solana wallets, such as Phantom, Solflare etc.

How much does it cost to create SPL tokens?

The current price is displayed in the bottom of the creation form

How to use Solana Token Creator?


Step 1. Connect your Solana wallet and select network (mainnet, devnet or testnet). This wallet will have authority to mint

Step 2. Enter information about your SPL token (token name, symbol, decimals, logo, supply)

Step 3. Press 'Create token' button and confirm transaction

Congratulations! Your token is created and supply is transferred to your wallet

Can I try Solana Token Generator for free?

Yes. You can create any number of SPL tokens for free on solana devnet or testnet

Can I create meme coin on Solana via your tool?

Yes. Our tool is perfect for creating meme coins on Solana. Create, mint and manage your meme tokens with ease.